Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy

Data Protection and GDPR

The Club takes the protection of the data that we hold about you as a member seriously and will do everything possible to ensure that data is collected, stored, processed, maintained, cleansed and retained in accordance with data protection legislation. When you become a member of or renew your membership with the Club you will automatically be registered as a member of Athletics Ireland. You can access the Athletics Ireland Club Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement at

Please read the Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement carefully to see how the Club stores, manages and deletes your personal information.

Photography and film consent

The Athletics Ireland photography policy is available on As far as is possible the club will not allow photographs, video or other images of children/young people to be published without the consent of the parents/carers and children/young people.

You can access the Athletics Ireland Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement at Club membership forms are held by the Club for 1 year prior to being destroyed. Membership data is stored for three years on the Athletics Ireland membership database before being securely deleted. If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with Athletics Ireland, please contact