Monday, July 6, 2020

Training w/c 6th July

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Sunday runs at various paces and distances are organised throughour members-only discussion group on facebook

Monday - meet at Speaker Car Park at 6.50pm for easy run. Route will be decided on night. It might even be posted in advance now that Ailish Hudson is back running.

Tuesday - the session is 400s . We are meeting at 6.50pm , in Cherryfield. We will use to route used for 800s last week, so going from Cherryfield corner up to almost the gap into the 3rd field. Recevery is active jog and equal time as the interval. So 90secs interval means you get 90secs recovery. If Cherryfield is busy, we may relocate to Kennedy Field or we will have another plan ( Dodder Valley walkway possibly or Spawell cycle path) . With the 5k race next week, if you feel you want to do a different session, just check and clear it with ET to ensure it is suitable.

Wednesday - as above except they are meeting at Speaker car park at 6.50pm, and will use the area up over the second bridge .

Thursday - easy runs and Alan Fairbrother will post route as always. Meet at Mortons car park for 7pm start.

Tierneys Tempo - it is club 5k time on the Track in Tallaght . No need for Spikes, your ordinary running shoes will be perfect. So we are booked 11am to 12 noon, so to get the most from the hour, you MUST be warmed up and ready to go at 11am please. There will be two races / runs. So get there early to support everyone. If you cant or dont want to run, we could use a little help in coordinating counting laps, taking times, etc . More details mid week when we are sorted. If you want to run, please make sure you post your name on the fbook thread , or give your name to Ian O'Reilly or Sinead Ni Ruairc Tighe

Sunday Long runs at various paces and distances through our members only discussion group see: facebook.

Monday and Thursday

Easy run nights. Meeting points and routes vary.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Structured Speed Sessions. Meeting points and sessions vary.

Tierneys Tempo Saturday

As usual meet in Marlay warmed up at 9am .. strong numbers at the moment so give it a go next week.


LSR, Various groups/ distances and routes see!

LSR, Various groups/ distances and routes see Facebook for more!