Monday, August 31, 2020

Training w/c 31st August

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Sunday runs at various paces and distances are organised throughour members-only discussion group on facebook

On Tuesday evenings, there will be two training groups. The normal group will continue to meet at the Speaker Connolly car park. The faster group will meet at Mortons. Each group should have fewer than 15 people. If the groups are too big we will have to split them up again.

On Saturday, at the tempo, there will also be two groups. The regular group will meet just inside the cricket field. The faster group will meet at the cricket nets. Both groups will run the same lap, but the faster group will start 30 seconds earlier.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we think will have no more than 15 people so can meet as one group at the Speaker Connolly. If numbers are too high, we will need to split into two groups.

Sunday long run groups should have no more than 15 people.

The general Covid rules still apply - don't come to training if you have been out of the country in the last 14 days, or if you are self-isolating. Avoid physical contact, and maintain social distance.

Monday - watch for Craig Guthries or Ailish Hudsons post about the Monday easy run
Meet at Speaker Car Park as usual at 6.50pm

Tuesday and Wednesday
Meet at Speaker Car Park at 6.50pm . Warm up properly.  
As above the faster group will meet at Mortons on Tuesday.

The main club session will be in the Dodder Valley Walkway - exact location will be sorted on the night

The Fast group will use the Basketball arena cycle path.

THE SESSION THIS WEEK IS 400s with the reducing recovery.

So recovery 60secs, 30secs, 15secs - then 90secs, 60,30,15, 90, etc . Aim for 3 sets of 400s. Fast group ask ET.

Aim to run at your 5k pace , maybe a little quicker. The aim is also to run each interval at the same pace. Because the session introduces you to shorter recoveries ( first time we have this session for a good length of time) , you may have to be a little less ambitious with your targets. If you are in a group, please get someone to monitor and time the recoveries. Sometimes this means if there is a couple of seconds between front and back of the group, some may get more than say 60secs or some may get less. Just keep it as close to those recoveries as you can, a few secs wont make a big difference.

Ask around to see what everyone is planning to run and do try to push yourself maybe a little into the faster group ahead of you. Even for a couple of them, sticking at the higher pace will be good for confidence, and will make a difference to fitness. These are the little targets ET has mentioned to many of you, and also what was suggested last week.

Take turns to lead out in your group.  

Thursday - watch for Alan Fairbrother post about the Thursday easy run

Meet at Speaker Car Park as usual at 6.50pm

Saturday - Tierneys Tempo takes place at 9am in Marlay at the cricket pitch . Be warmed up and ready to start at 9. Due to large numbers running we may split the group with some doing laps of the Concert Field.


Sunday - Long Runs . Check fbook for details of meeting point and time, route, distance etc.  If you want company on your run, please post on fbook.

Training Committee

Monday and Thursday

Easy run nights. Meeting points and routes vary.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Structured Speed Sessions. Meeting points and sessions vary.

Tierneys Tempo Saturday

As usual meet in Marlay warmed up at 9am .. strong numbers at the moment so give it a go next week.


LSR, Various groups/ distances and routes see!

LSR, Various groups/ distances and routes see Facebook for more!