Sunday, July 19, 2020

Training w/c 20th July

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Sunday runs at various paces and distances are organised throughour members-only discussion group on facebook


Meet at Dodder Valley opposite Speaker Conolly Car Park as usual at 6.50pm

Tuesday and Wednesday
Meet at Speaker Car Park at 6.50pm . Warm up properly. Session will start at 7.05pm .
It is 800s this week. Aim for 6 x 800s. Faster groups should do more.
Recovery a min of 2mins, possibly 3mins for the slower groups.

Aim to run at your 5k pace , maybe a little quicker. The aim is also to run each interval at the same pace. However bear in mind the profile of the 800s . We will start at the corner of the triangle and run up to Ahearnes entrance and that is your 800m. Going up you will be slower . So try to gauge your interval by effort rather than time. There is no doubt that coming back you will be at least 10secs quicker.
Take turns to lead out in your group. Have an idea of what you hope to run in the interval.

Thursday - watch for Alan Fairbrother post about the Thursday easy run
Meet at Dodder Valley opposite Speaker Conolly Car Park as usual at 6.50pm

Tierneys Tempo takes place at 9am in Marlay at the cricket pitch . Be warmed up and ready to start at 9.

Tallaght Track - session can be done on the track from 11am -12 noon

Long Runs . Check our Facebook group Page for details of meeting point and time, route, distance etc. If you want company on your run, please post on Facebook. HERE

With lots of races postponed, it is a tricky time. But don't get disheartened. Stick with it and keep trying to get something from your runs or sessions. You may have to be inventive in setting little goals. Usually we all have races and times to set our focus. So why not decide that in your intervals to run them 5secs faster than normal, or cut your recovery by 15secs, or keep up with someone who is usually ahead of you. On your long run or easy run, throw in a few pick ups or finish with a strong last mile. Create little challenges to push yourself.

Above all stay positive, stay healthy , and stay patient. We are all in this together so lets all keep each other going.

Training Committee

Monday and Thursday

Easy run nights. Meeting points and routes vary.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Structured Speed Sessions. Meeting points and sessions vary.

Tierneys Tempo Saturday

As usual meet in Marlay warmed up at 9am .. strong numbers at the moment so give it a go next week.


LSR, Various groups/ distances and routes see!

LSR, Various groups/ distances and routes see Facebook for more!