Transport and Overnight Trip

Transport and overnight trips. There is an extra responsibly on coaches and volunteers when transporting young people to events. The lead Brothers Pearse member for the event should plan ahead to ensure all club requirements and standards are met. There should be adequate insurance and supervision and guardians should be able to contact with the travelling team and lead coach where possible while the group are away.

Coaches / Event leaders should:

  • Ensure they have received the proper permission, medical information / needs and contact details for each participant. (This should include details of two guardians).
  • Ensure that all guardians are fully briefed on the travel itinerary.
  • Ensure that there is proper insurance in place both for the group and the transport.
  • Ensure that the proper ratio of adult to child ratios is maintained and that there is a minimum of two Brothers Pearse personnel travelling. RATIOS 1:8 (under 12s), 1:10/12 (over 12s) 
  • Ensure that if the group is of mixed gender that there is at least one male and female supervisor travelling with the group.
  • Ensure that participants and guardians are aware of the drop off and collection times and the central meeting point. 
  • Ensure that there are at least two adult club personal at the meeting point until all children have arrived. The same rule applies when children are being collected. 
  • Ensure that no vehicle carries more than the permitted number of passengers. 
  • Ensure that the rules of the road are fully complied with. 
  • Ensure that individual Brother Pearse personnel are not left alone with children. If a coach needs to talk separately to a participant then do so away from the group but within full view of the group.
  • On overnight trips coaches should never share with athletes under any circumstances. Parents can share with their own children but not with others. Send your request to the hotel early so they can confirm your rooming plan.