Schools title and international success

It has been a busy few weeks for Jennifer Hanrahan!

She started on the 24th of October, with a victory in the Leinster Schools Combined Events championships, with a solid score of 2926 points in the Junior Girls category. The Leinster schools had been postponed because of bad weather, which meant Jennifer had just a few days to recover and prepare before the national competition. That didn’t slow her down at all, and she went on to win the national title with a score of 3089 points, including a high jump clearance of 1.56!

The top four junior girls qualified for the SIAB Combined Events International at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow on November 10th. The team performed brilliantly, and took home third place overall in the u16 girls category.

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Dublin City Marathon 2017

Congratulations to everyone who ran the marathon (and thanks to those who volunteered)!

Some strong runs, and some tough ones, but everyone did the singlet proud.

Special congratulations to Stephen Connon, who won Dublin and Leinster M40 silver medals, Mick Carolan won won a Dublin bronze in his age category (and kept up his marathon streak), and the Masters team of Stephen, Colm Costello, and Pat Sneyd won Dublin bronze.

Hop on the Bingo Bus,sleep in the eyes,
Messers to the back,surprise,surprise!
The Conrads marble floors,was the place set to meet,
With Kenya’s finest,to smile and to greet!
A nervous hop,from toe to toe,
The time it passes,oh so slow!
The vaseline is rubbed in well,
The water belts begin to swell!
On down we stride,towards our destiny,
And n’are a ditch,to take a pee!
A gentle jog,to warm the legs,
‘Please don’t DO this!’,the mind,it begs!
Bin liners discarded,across Georgian streets,
Start line inches closer,the heart,it fastly beats!
A little prayer to the sky’s above,
A gentle whisper, to the ones we love.
Under starters orders,and off we set!
A Voyage of discovery,with goals to get!
At Christchurch hill, the bells drowned out,
By the Brothers Pearse,and Roisins SHOUT!!
On down the river,a bridge to Swiftly cross,
And up to the Park,long straights to boss!
In Castleknock,the crowd was unreal!
High fives a plenty,soul filled with zeal!
A freewheel down,to Chapelizod gates,
To fill the lungs,and not think of what awaits!!
Past Kilmainham Jail,no prisoners we took!
‘A sh*te load of miles to go!’,ah would ya go way ta fcuk!!
The Barn approached, the support fantastic,
They heaved and they ho’ed,like a knicker elastic!
And then the long haul up Crumlins thoroughfare!
The mind starts to wander,the doubts are laid bare!
A sup on some water,it brings some respite,
As Bushy Parks green acres,they loom into sight!
The warm smiling faces, of family and friends,
Brings a tear to the eye,and fends off the bends!!
At Terenure cross,they roared and they cheered!
The stretch into Orwell was not to be feared!
Up the climb into Milltown,a nod to Glenmalure Park,
The home of the Rovers,till sold by some ‘bright spark’!
Oh praise be to Allah,or whoever’s above!
Heartbreak Hill is upon us,and we could do with a shove!
Dig in and keep moving,Death Hill is far worse!
And over the top with a spit and a curse!
Past UCD College,oh will we just never learn!
The pain is for real now,the finish line oh to yearn!
The widening road seems to lengthen the journey,
‘Come on,you can DO IT!”,screams some lassie called Bernie!
Rolys Bistro behind us,the body hungry for rest,
The finishing stretch,and one final test!
You pick yourself up,and sprint for that line!
Your moment of glory,and a feeling so fine!!
An Bros Pearse abú!!


Dublin City Marathon Results:

Stephen Connon 02:38:57
Colm Costello 02:49:18
Patrick Sneyd 02:51:05
Ian O’ Reilly 02:53:24
Philip Doyle 02:55:24
Mark Pearce 02:55:56
Paul Martin 02:56:48
Donal Brady 03:04:53
Garreth Bayle 03:14:12
Tony Connolly 03:21:39
Sorcha Mc Cann 03:22:55
Kieran Campbell 03:26:36
John O’ Gorman 03:28:12
Karen Clarke 03:34:09
Joseph Haugh 03:34:57
Michael Walsh 03:35:36
Emmet O’ Sullivan 03:38:39
Austin Smyth 03:44:29
Keith Farrell 03:46:52
Paul Lyons 03:47:04
Karen Mc Manus 03:47:12
Rownald Bayle 03:49:42
Declan Watters 03:50:54
Aidan Carroll 03:54:21
Philip Blake 03:57:59
P.J. Black 03:59:51
Ailish Hudson 04:01:48
Alan Fairbrother 04:03:25
Alan Conroy 04:11:55
Niamh Honer 04:14:30
Donna May 04:15:03
Karen Reid 04:18:19
Sinead Tighe&Dan 04:21:00
Mandy Keegan 04:21:44
Sharon Phibbs 04:21:59
Terry Monaghan 04:22:47
Peter Lawlor 04:22:51
Ciara Mullaly 04:24:24
Tos Moran 04:25:20
Ramon Whelan 04:25:33
Tadhg Ryan 04:34:35
Maggie Walshe 04:51:14
Alison Brophy 04:57:19
Edward Hudson 04:59:03
John Hayden 05:44:56

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Runzone Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Deirdre Farrell, the Runzone athlete of the month for August!

Deirdre has been on a great running streak through the summer, with big PBs in the Dunshaughlin 10k, Athboy 5k, and last week in the Frank Duffy 10 mile.

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Wedding of the Year!

This weekend was a first for the club because Karen McManus and Geoff Rooney met at club training. Love started on a Ladder Session or on Death Hill, and wasn’t scuppered when Karen used to beat Geoff on the Speaker Connolly lap. So it is the first true Bros Pearse AC wedding.
A good number of the original gang were down there to celebrate the day with the most adorable of couples. Both Geoff and Karen have been with us since the early days.
They are great club people and whilst we have missed Geoff a lot in recent years with his work commitments, I know that his friendship and undoubted wit and banter was something the club benefited greatly from when he was around. I also know that the club played a big role in his life, and not just with him meeting Karen.
You can’t but love Karen. A great talent , a fabulous smile, and I am sure a brilliant teacher. Her battle with the 4 hour barrier in the marathon and her eventual joy and relief when she did do it, is one of the most enjoyable stories that I watched over the years.
The whole club wishes these two lovely people a long and happy life as Mr and Mrs McManus Rooney. Enjoy the day and the honeymoon and make sure you are back in Cherryfield in a few weeks time!

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Dublin 10 mile championship

A good turnout and some great times in the Frank Duffy 10 mile on the weekend. It was a hot day and a hilly course but everyone stayed strong!

Congratulations to Colm, Johnny, and Ian, who took the silver medal in the M35 team championship!

Colm Costello 00:59:23
Jonathan Butler 00:59:48
Ian O’Reilly 01:00:29
Anthony O’ Rourke 01:04:34
David McNally 01:05:41
Garreth Bayle 01:07:23
Joseph Haugh 01:08:56
Alan Fairbrother 01:12:00
John O’ Gorman 01:12:14
Declan Watters 01:12:20
Emmet O’Sullivan 01:12:41
Terry Monaghan 01:13:10
Stephen Willoughby 01:14:06
Michael Walsh 01:18:20
Keith Doyle 01:21:30
Rownald Bayle 01:21:54
Sinead Tighe 01:22:23
Daniel Tighe 01:22:22
Deirdre Farrell 01:23:26
Aidan Colreavy 01:23:54
Ailish Hudson 01:24:00
Ramon Whelan 01:26:28
Suzanne Lundy 01:27:55
Donna Mc Cabe 01:30:19
James Finneran 01:30:22
Mandy Keegan 01:30:31
Sharon Phibbs 01:33:00
Edward Hudson 01:33:15
Rachel O’Callaghan 01:33:50
Emer Meagher 01:35:07
Eleanor O’Reilly 01:37:27
Amanda O’Sullivan 01:40:06
Fiona McDonagh 01:40:15
Laura O Shea 01:46:29

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National Senior Championships

Two athletes from the club competed in the national championships over the weekend. Both were making their debut at this level, the first from the club to have competed here in a few years –  but I’m sure this will encourage more to join them next year.

Conor Hanrahan won bronze in the u17 300m hurdles last week. This week it was time for some flat sprinting.

He started on Saturday, with a big PB of 24.28 in the 200m, and followed up on Sunday with another PB, 11.82 in the 100m. Two excellent times, and a great learning experience for Conor, who is improving every year.

On Saturday, Paul Martin ran in the 10,000m race. Paul is new to the track this year, but has run a lot of the graded meets, and he had the confidence to mix it at the highest level.
He had a strong run, finishing in 34:46 – and he’ll also be back stronger next year!

In the meantime, some of our younger athletes were out for the Cheer Squad, meeting the elites (more photos in the gallery)

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Day 3 of nationals

Day 3 at nationals was a good one!
Nadi (silver U14 200m)
Conor H (bronze U17 300m H)
U14 Declan (10th in the 1500m)
U15 Ronan (6th in 200m heat)
U15 Daniel (8th in Discus)
U17 Kevin (6th in 200m heat)
U18 Paul (7th in Discus)
Well done everyone!

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National Juvenile Championships Day 1 and 2

We’ve had a great weekend at the national championships -
On Saturday, James (U12) won a silver medal in the long jump with a super jump of 4.40m, he also placed 8th in the 600m (a great mornings work!).
The following athletes competed very hard for the club & just missed the podium:
Jennifer  (4th place in the HJ with a very close attempt at 1.55m that she just missed, next time)
Rayhan (5th place in the U16 LJ with 5.84m, slightly down on his best but this was Rayhan’s 1st club national champs so a great learning experience for him)
Niamh (12th place in the U14 Javelin with a throw of 20.16m, Niamh has competed really hard this year and is improving with every competition)
On Sunday, Jennifer & Nadi were both crowned National Champs again 
Jen (U15) soared out to a huge new PB of 5.47m to win the long jump title & Nadi flew down the track to 80m victory in the u14 category. Also deserving special mention is Kevin (u17) who ran a 400m PB of 55.61s to Q for the 400m final, Alex (U17) placing 8th in 100m final. Niamh (u14) setting a new PB of 4.37m in the LJ, Rayhan just missed the 100m u16 final setting a new PB of 11.96s as did Alan (U18) as he recorded a new PB of 11.99s, Mathew (U14) who competed really hard in the 2000m race walk & young James (U12) who sped down the track in the 60m. Well done athletes & coaches, roll on day 3!!
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Docklands 5k

We had a great turnout from the club at the recent Docklands 5k race, organised by Crusaders AC. Lots of new PBs, including a first run under 20 minutes for Sinead Tighe

» Paul MARTIN 16:24
» Stephen CONNON 16:47
» Colm COSTELLO 16:48
» Ian O’REILLY 17:24
» Anthony O’ROURKE 17:25
» Shane HUGHES 17:37
» Philip DOYLE 17:37
» John KEHOE 17:50
» Donal BRADY 18:10
» David MCNALLY 18:41
» Joe HAUGH 19:17
» Tony CONNOLLY 19:37
» Terry MONAGHAN 19:45
» Paul TESTER 19:49
» Eoin KENNEDY 19:53
» Ross MACMATHUNA 19:54
» Sinead TIGHE 19:59
» Declan WATTERS 19:59
» Jamie JACKSON 20:06
» Karen CLARKE 20:16
» Stephen WILLOUGHBY 20:52
» Austin Smyth 21:08
» Lisa NAGLE 21:20
» Ingrid MCGOVERN 21:55
» Karen MCMANUS 22:19
» Ciara BRADLEY 22:51
» Suzanne LUNDY 23:04
» Sarah o Meara. 23:08
» Deirdre FARRELL 23:12
» Ciara MULLALY 24:12
» Donna MCCABE 24:31
» Eleanor O’REILLY 25:00
» Emma MURPHY 25:20
» Maggie WALSH 25:31
» Emer MEAGHER 25:52
» Alan CONROY 26:32
» Sue VINCENT 26:46
» Mairead CONNOLLY 27:18
» Declan MCGOVERN 28:17

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National Relay update

Huge well done to our U17 boys team who won silver today in the 4x400m at the Irish Juvenile Champs in a fast time of 3.40.05, also our 2nd team placed 4th to show our strenght in dept at this level! Well done to DSD & Midleton AC on a great race. Our U14 girls ran very strongly to Q for the national final where they placed 6th in a very fast race, the girls should be very proud of their achievement, equally so our u12 boys did the club proud and were just outside making the final. Finally our boys U17 quartet placed 6th in a high quality 4x100m final. Well done everyone & best of luck to the individual athletes who will compete next weekend

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