Juvenile Membership Renewal 2020

For New Members or Change of Existing Details

*** Membership Fee €60 ***

New Members ONLY

Please note that your application for membership needs to be confirmed by a member of the Juvenile Committee before submitting this form or transferring funds.

When completing the form please note:

  • One form is needed for each Athlete;
  • Remember to put your name/your child's name on the Bank Transfer.


Parents Details

This includes asthma, allergies, diabetes or difficulty in concentration. Please supply details, including details of medication your child may need at training (eg asthma inhaler, insulin)

Bank Account Details

Membership Fees:

  • 1st Child - €120
  • Any subsequent child - additional €90 each
  • Family Membership - €275



IBAN: IE14AIBK93329501275094

We would really appreciate if you could pay subs into our Bank Account. This is safer and makes it so much easier for us to manage. Again, please remember to put your name/your child's name on the Bank Transfer.

Parents/Guardian Consent Form

Please complete the following as your child will not be allowed to train unless a completed form is returned to the club.

All Athletes must abide by the following:

  • Respect and listen to your coach and abide by the rules during all coaching sessions and at competitions.
  • Compete for Bros Pearse Athletic Club at events organised by Dublin Athletic County Board
  • Do athletics because you, the athlete, want to do it.
  • Commit to attending regular training sessions
  • Never bully another athlete. Treat other athletes as you would like to be treated.
  • Do not behave in a way that could cause injury to other athletes.
  • Refrain from use of bad language and offensive gestures.
  • Never cheat at competition or at training.
  • Make an effort to improve yourself.
  • Contact your coach/club if you are not available for training or competition.
  • Never make false allegations about another athlete or adult.
  • Never chew chewing gum at training.
  • Talk to children’s officer or designated officer if you have any concerns.
  • Never keep secrets about someone who has caused you harm.
  • Above all enjoy your sport and make it enjoyable for those around you.

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