The next Brothers Pearse AC couch to 5k programme will run from the 13th of February to the 22nd of April. It includes two coached sessions each week, Monday and Wednesday at 7pm.

About the programme

Our couch to 5k programme is a mixed programme of running and walking. In the first sessions most of your time will be spent walking, and only running for a minute at a time. The running time will build up slowly over the weeks until you are able to run for ten minutes without walking, then twenty minutes, and finally you will be able to run five kilometres non-stop!

All our coaches are experienced in the programme, most learned to run themselves with a couch to 5k programme, so they will know exactly what you are going through. They will bring you through a warm-up and cooldown, show you some stretches and exercises you can do to help prevent injury, and advise you on correct running form.

The registration fee includes

  • Personal coaching from our experienced coaches
  • Insurance cover and registration with Athletics Ireland
  • Membership of Brothers Pearse for 2017, so you can continue training when the ten weeks are over, for no extra cost

Registration is on the first night of the programme, Monday the 13th of February.

For further information contact


What to wear

  • A t-shirt or long-sleeved top
  • Running shorts, tights, or running trousers
  • Sports socks
  • A good pair of runners
  • Sports bra for women

Your top should be a wicking fabric, not cotton. Cotton will trap moisture, get heavy, chafe more. A wicking material will draw the moisture away from your skin, making it easier to get rid of excess heat and also offering some protection from rain. Examples include Nike Dri-fit, Adidas Climalite, Mizuno Drylite… you get the idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a top, but make sure it is a sports fabric.

If you wear more clothes you will find that you get very warm during training, so any extra layers should be light and easy to take off if you’re too hot.

Running shorts should be light and also made of wicking material. You could wear some running tights or running trousers, they are often on sale in Lidl and Aldi. Everyday tracksuit bottoms will have the problem that they’re not made of the right material, so they’ll get heavy and cling when they’re wet, and be too hot when it’s warm.

Socks don’t have to be anything special as long as they fit well and are reasonably thick. The Aldi and Lidl running socks are very popular, though some people swear by more expensive brands.

Runners are your most expensive purchase, and most important. Don’t buy a pair of fashion runners that are only really for walking around in. Don’t buy some runners because a friend wears them and says they’re good. There is no right pair of runners for everyone. The right pair for you depends on
- the shape of your foot
- your gait
- the amount of miles you intend to run in them
- your weight
- the conditions you’ll run in

Go to a shop where you can get expert advice, not some random tracksuits-and-runners shop. Gait analysis is a useful tool, but the main thing is that the staff in the shop know what they’re talking about. Base2Race in Ballymount are a good local shop, and you may get a discount if you tell them you’re from Brothers Pearse. Other good shops include the rest of the Amphibian King chain, Sportsworld in Terenure, Elverys, and Runways

Elverys & Lifestyle stock Shock Absorber bras which are brilliant if your a little heavier on top.
Aldi, lidl, H&M and Penneys stock sports bras too which are perfect if your an average breast size.
The less movement the better as movement can cause chaffing which can be painful.

Where we are

The Couch to 5k sessions will meet in the Dodder Riverbank Park car park on the Firhouse Road.

Disclaimer: Running is a strenuous activity and is not without risk. Before embarking on this or any other exercise programme you should consult with your doctor. By participating in the programme you acknowledge that Brothers Pearse AC cannot be held liable for any injuries or other problems that may occur as a result.

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